3 "Evenings for friends" at the Cabaret Voltaire

Old friends,
new friends,
future friends...
True and occasional...
Real or virtual ones...

To all of you I wish to dedicate
the songs I am going to sing tonight,
together with guitarist Vasilis Rakopoulos.

I'll tell you about the "Back Room" and the "Sleepless City", I'll talk about "Apples", "Japanese Gardens" and the exotic "Jimbaran", I'll sing to you some unreleased songs and some of my favorite ones, by other greek and foreign songwriters.

Three evenings for friends!!!

Thursday, 5/27
Sunday, 6/6
Friday 6/11

Hope to see you there!

Cabaret Voltaire,
30 Marathonos str, Metaxourgio
Athens, Greece
T: 210-5227046

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  1. Εύχομαι όλα να πάνε καλά στα live και καλή συνέχεια σε ό,τι κάνεις στο μέλλον!